Unity Asset Store is a library where developers of online games can find free commercial assets created by other members of the community and by using Unity Technologies. Similarly, Unity3D Asset Store is a library where game developers can get commercial assets in 3D formats to create 3D video games. These libraries contain a wide variety of assets including models, animations, and textures along with complete projects like editor extensions and tutorials. Developers can access these assets through a simple interface in the Unity Editor and can import or download directly into their project.

Use of Unity3D asset store
Unity3D asset store also allows the game designers, programmers, 3D modelers and texture artists to share their creations with everyone in the community of Unity3D developers. This asset store also allows the developers to sell their editor extensions, audio and other types of content and 3D models to it so that other professionals like them can use them in their projects. They can easily sell their beautiful creations to the Unity3D asset store simply by submitting their creations to get good money for it which they can then use in developing their next video game, or contribute to their income.

Unity3D Asset Store sets a price of your creations after reviewing them once you have submitted them. 70% part of the sales proceeds of your creations will be credited to your account on a monthly or quarterly basis, as desired by you.

Steps to submit your creations to Unity3D Asset Store

  • First of all, you will have to create an account with Unity3D asset store. While signing the Asset Store Provider Agreement, you should read it carefully to get submission instructions and legal information about the process of submission of your assets
  • You should use your Unity3D account to get registered with a publisher login of asset store to create an Asset Store Publisher Account
  • To update or create your package metadata and upload main screenshots and images etc. you should use the Publisher Administration Package Manager to ensure that the content you are providing is according to the submission guidelines of the Asset Store.
  • Now you can open unity3D asset store to import and download the tools of Asset Store in the content of the project you want to submit with it. While uploading tools, you can also use the tools package of asset store to upload and link your project with the package created by you.
  • Now to submit your package you can use the package manager of Publisher Administration. The team of Asset Store will review the content submitted by you to set its price.