In Pictures (1 of 3)

1. UG9 smashed the attendence record for a Unity Games event! We had 187 people attending what is possibly the largest single day boardgaming event on the Eastern seaboard.

I should have taken a picture of the outside of the hotel yestarday, but it was too much snow around and I couldn't get a good vantage point. So this official late spring shot above will have to do. If there is to be a UG10, this will likely be the spot - the rooms we had will hold 200 gamers - even at peaks yestarday there was always a free table somewhere nearby. It was nice to have the breathing room! The Framingham Sheraton also offers some expantion room should we feel we need it.

Anyway, thanks to all of the gamers that joined us for the day - the UG events are only sucessful with participation. Now on to the pictures from the event!!

1. This is what the main room of UG9 looked like mid-day from one end of the room.


2. John, Chuck and friends get in a game of Power Grid.

3. I just had to get a picture of this dice tower. I'm a fan of towers where you can see your dice tumble - I just don't feel safe not knowing what my dice are doing in the opaque towers.

4. Starfarers of Catan gets some playtime. Haven't seen this come out in a while - they blasted through this in about 2 hours which is a fairly good pace.

5. Adam, Lucy, Dave, Anne and Erik play El Grande. You can just make out the taching area in the background which anchored one side of the room.

6. Mark Edwards (sporting a NE Patriots Mark Edwards fullback jersey) teaches Medici.

7. Josh teaches Oasis during the teaching portion of UG9. Phil Alberg did a fantastic job getting this rolling again - for the first time we had games being taught in 3 different timeslots throughout the morning and afternoon.

8. Phil made up these 3-sided signs that sat on the teaching tables. The signs gave the vital information on the game being taught.

9. Matthew, Sean and Bob play a game that I can't remember the name of...

10. Joe and Adam playing a game of Memoir '44 with Zack looking on.

11. Richard (hands only), Craig, Pitt and Mark are amonst the players enjoying Ticket to Ride. Alan R. Moon looks on.

12. Andrew and Scott playing some monster wargame in the morning.

13. Matt Horn and Phil Alberg getting ready to start. I can't remember the name of this game either. I need to take more notes!