October 2, 2004 9AM-Midnight
Four Points Sheraton Hotel Conference Center
Waltham MA

Unity Games is back for a third time at the Waltham venue! With suggestions and improvements by the hotel, we found a nice balance for UG7 and plan to replicate the fun at UG8 this fall. The Four Points hotel in Waltham will be our host once again for Unity Games 8 - and we once again look forward to the return! We also look to make additional improvements to the event - keeping in mind that the greatest success of the day depends on your participation. We continue to find new folks in the area who fit in with the easy going atmosphere the UG events provide. The teaching tables will once again be in full swing for newcomers or people looking to start up some structured gaming early on. There will be an official Wizard tournament that will kick off at 11AM. Other events will be scheduled and posted to the main UG list - and will be available on the front table in the traditional UG8 flyer (you guys read those things, don't you?!). Anyway, we have room for 150 - and fully anticipate that we will be pretty close to capacity. You will NOT want to miss it! The Hotel will provide a large number of chairs and tables (covered with table cloths) - both thinner tables for the outside walls (so we actually have someplace to store our games again!) and plenty of rectangular tables for general gaming. There is plenty of parking as well since the hotel parking lot is available for our use. Food is allowed in the ballroom (for ordering pizzas, etc) and there are numerous eating places within short distance from the hotel. We get a monster 15 hours of playtime - from 9AM to midnight (and based on UG6+7, we will be using ALL of it!). We sincerely hope that you will come out to the next big Unity Games event (yes, this means you... I'm not kidding. You=there)!

What is Unity Games?

In the Eastern Massachusetts area we have a loose coalition of gamers and game-groups known as Unity Games. Occasionally we hold full-day gaming events where we try to get all the area groups and gamers together along with their friends to play board and card games. Here is a summary of our previous Unity Games events:

We are pleased that the next event is in the queue and has now been scheduled! If you are interested in learning more about Unity Games - please visit the Unity Games information page at: http://www.unitygames.org

Where and When is Unity Games 8?

We are very excited to announce Unity Games 8 will be taking place on a beautiful fall day - Saturday, October 2, 2004 from 9AM to Midnight. The location for this boardgaming event will be the 4 Points Hotel located in Waltham, MA - just seconds off Route 128 and well within reach of Boston and surrounding areas. Read on for directions!

What Can I Expect from Unity Games 8?

Unity Games 8 will be a full day of boardgaming and we look forward to having as many local boardgamers present as possible. Please consider signing up to attend - it will be a day of gaming you won't want to miss! The new venue has room for about 150 so there should plenty of room for everyone! But don't wait to sign-up - we reserve the right to cap attendance once the room fills!
We play a wide variety of board and card games. Examples of games we are likely to play include SETTLERS OF CATAN, PUERTO RICO, CARCASSONNE, UNION PACIFIC, APPLES TO APPLES, PASSWORD, CROKINOLE, TIGRIS & EUPHRATES, BOHNANZA, TIKAL, TRAUMFABRIK, Etc. There will be hundreds of different games to choose from. Most are easy enough that even new players can get into the action easily. We plan on having a section of the ballroom to use to help jumpstart new gaming - this will be an area you can go to start up a new game or look for others trying to start up games. Several veteran gamer volunteers will also help during the early hours to run certain new-player friendly games to get people into the flow - so if you are new or just a little shy about jumping in with the main UG crowd, we'll have you covered!
The focus on the big Unity Games events is open boardgaming - play what you like with people you enjoy gaming with. If you are new, there will be plenty of opportunity to get in on the gaming! We want to make this an enjoyable experience for both UG veterans and newcomers alike - so don't consider not going just because you feel you may not fit in! Join us for the day and see how it goes! Check the Unity Games website above for full coverage pictures of previous UG events.

Will There Be A Prize Table?

There will be some sort of prize table - much like there was for UG7. With 150+ gamers, it's no small task coming up with an equitable plan for a prize table. Craig Massey continues to refine the plan and I think everyone felt the implementation at UG7 was quite good so I expect you will see a return of the ticket-system at UG8. And remember, the entrance fee to UG8 covers your attendance in the hotel ballroom for an amazing day of gaming. It does not guarantee you a prize. Any prizes given out should be considered an unexpected bonus and should not be a primary (or even a secondary!) reason anyone attends this event.

What is the Cost of Going to UG8?

The cost of UG8 is the same as it was for the last couple of events. The cost per-person for this event will be as follows:

$9 pre-pay in person
$9.50 pre-pay with PayPal
$12 at the door (day of UG8)

If you wish to pay via PayPal, please contact daveber@gis.net.

Everyone pays the same pre-pay amount - even those that help run the event put in their dues. (The extra $.50 for PayPal is to offset the cost of using their service.) Because the hotel requires us to pay for the hall in advance, it is especially important that we take in as many registered prepays as possible as soon as possible! Hopefully everyone will agree that the cost is really very reasonable given the benefits of the new venue. Jumping up to the next level in UG events has gotten more expensive, but we believe that our local boardgaming community is strong and we now have the numbers to support a nice step up in venues for our event. We are a great group of gamers and I am ultimately confident that this local gaming community will come together to support this event and will get their prepays in early. We enjoy running the events and we think this will be the best one yet - so please help support the effort!

You can pay the $9 in person at any of the following area game groups: SSG (Dave Bernazzani), GSG (Mark Edwards), ICG (Richard Spoonts), MVGA (Walter Hunt), WAGG/BobDay (Craig Massey), FRAGS (Matt), SOG (Josh) and Pitt wherever you may see him! You can also pay Adam Smiles wherever you see him which is often at GNAT (ultimately Adam will be collecting funds so this is a perfect person to pay). If you do not prepay (and why not?!? It saves you cash and helps us out!!) then the money will be collected during the event - but please save us time and pre pay early! No prepays accepted 1 week prior to the event and no refunds 2 weeks prior to the event.

Any Policies I Should Be Aware Of?

Yes, we do have a few simple rules for the day to make the experience enjoyable for everyone - please carefully read our UG8 Policies Page for details.

What about Food?

In addition to the hotel restaurant, food is allowed in the ballroom and there are numerous eating places in the vicinity to go to. A flyer with a map of area restaurants will be available on the front table at UG8. We have that flyer available online here for you to see what food is available.

What about Directions and Parking for the UG8 Hall?

The Four Points Waltham is just a few hundred yards off Rt 128 and so it should be fairly easy to get to from the City as well as points North, South and West. The hotel has ample parking. Click here to get the full updated directions suitable for printing!

How do I Sign Up to Attend?!?

By pre-paying, you will be registered for the event and placed on the attendee list. If you will be coming and just can't prepay, please still send an email to Dave Bernazzani daveber@gis.net and let us know if you are coming and how many people you will be bringing. We want to get an accurate head-count for the day so let us know even if you are only "likely" to attend. If you have questions, you can email us at this address and we'll try to help you out...

This event will be successful with your participation - please don't wait to sign up! We look forward to seeing you at Unity Games 8 !