UNITY GAMES III - November 10, 2001

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Unity Games III took place Nov 10, 2001 - what a fantastic day for local gaming! We had 111 in attendance. Text report to follow soon but for now... pictures!

1. Mid-day - entire hall filled! The hall was really bustling all day long - and there were so many games played that it was impossible to record them all. Games brought to be played were lined up along the back walls.


2. Rob, Mark and friends playing Advanced Civilization. They must have cut it short since they were only at it for about 6 hours :)


3. Starfahrers of Catan - Bob and Constantine a little too chummy?!? Good sports - and I just knew Constantine would rope someone into a Settlers based game!


4. Liberte... with Joe and Michael and friends...


5. Alan, Matthew, Craig and Dave B (me) playing Gods.


6. Catchprhrase proved very popular with Matt, David, Richard, Mark, Em and at least 3 others.


7. Mark and Terry talking in background as Tikal is played by Dan, David, Mark and sons... with Scott opening up something shrinkwrapped in the forground.


8. Traders of Genua - not sure if this is the English or German version.


9. Princes of Florence - Constantine and Andy are just way to happy for such a strategic game :)


10. Our "Prize Alocve" - tons of great prizes given away for the day... No the baby is not on the give-away table! We had a phenomenal prize table - with nice stuff ranging from shrinkwrapped games, lots of gift certificates, a copy of KK&K, wood-piece acquire, hand made Carcassonne bags and a load of donations from kind gamers. This is a shot before any prizes were given out - people came by all during the early part of the day to check it out!