I have the unfortunate task to inform the community that the Unity Games X event has officially been cancelled. We need all members of the community to spread the word as quickly as possible. If you run a game group - please email them and let them know. If you know people that might not be connected to the UG community online, please phone them or privately email them and let them know the event will not take place this Saturday.

The Unity Games Steerage committee has worked hard to bring the best gaming event possible to the Unity Games community. The Hilton Garden Inn in Waltham booked for Unity Games X - this was formerly the location of the Waltham Four Points which was one of the best UG locations in terms of accessibility, space and price. The steerage committee kept in close contact with the Hotel during renovations over the past few months as we geared up for the event. The final walk through with the hotel took place on Monday - everything was set. We got a call early this morning from the hotel - it seems they failed their fire inspection and, as a result, can't get a certificate of occupancy even though we had asked specifically about it on Monday. Without the CofO, the building cannot be occupied for the event. This came without warning - and today the steerage committee scrambled to try and lock down another backup location. While the effort was great, there simply wasn't enough time to find an acceptable space for 200+ gamers... and a final difficult decision to cancel the event had to be made in an attempt to give people as much time as possible to spread the word.

Those that prepaid can get a full refund from the prepay collectors. You can also leave your prepay with the collector and you will automatically be registered for the rescheduled UG-X (tentatively late January - we'll know more in a couple weeks).

This is one of the hardest emails I've had to write... the cancellation of a Unity Games event is unprecedented - and the entire steerage committee deeply regrets any inconvenience this causes. Many of us feel an enormous sense of pride in the events - and having to cancel is heartbreaking. Please be aware that we have done our best and hope that the community can bear with us as we resolve and move forward with plans for UG-X next January.

You can contact Dave Bernazzani at daveber@gis.net with comments, questions or concerns that will be passed onto the Unity Games Steerage committee. We could also use a few letters of support.