There is an absolute load of games that have been made with Unity3D over the years since it’s release. There is a free version of Unity3D, meaning that everyone who wants to make a game, well, can. And that is precisely what has been happening since it was released. Everything from full-blown PC games to iOS and Android games, such as one or two that we will be looking at in this list, have been created inside of it. With that having been said, let’s get into this list which, by the way, was taken solely from Reddit.

1. KSP (Kerbal Space Program)

Coded / Developed: Squad
Genre: Simulator, flight
Year Released: 2011

KSP is a fun rocket science simulator that has been made simple. You can create your rocket and attempt to send it to space. It has been extremely popular and has also been known to hog computer performance due to its real-time physics. It’s a great game that is currently available on Steam.


2. H: HOW (Hearthstone, Heros Of Warcraft)

Coded / Developed: Blizzard
Genre: Fantasy Card Game
Year Released: 2014

This mega-popular game that is in conjunction with the World of Warcraft universe is a card game that is made with Unity. Unlike all of Blizzards other WOW games, it is free to play as well as multiplayer. You can play with vast decks of cards made from all of your mages, knights, warriors, orcs, and other mythological beasts.

3. W2 (Wasteland 2)

Coded / Developed: Obsidian + inXile Entertainment(s)
Genre: RPG (Role Playing Game)
Year Released: 2014

W2 (Wasteland 32) is a top-rated turn-based game that is the sequel to the original Wasteland game which came out in 1988. Fans loved it so much, and it became such a legend that a Kickstarter was eventually made for it, and it was funded and developed soon after meeting its funding goal.

This game takes place about a decade and a half after the original game and is about finding weird and mysterious radio signals that prophecy and tell about the joining of man and machine. It is currently available on Steam, and a newer edition of the game has since been released.

4. BGO (Battlestar Galactica Online)

Coded / Developed: Artplant + Bigpoint
Genre: Browser-based Online MMO Game (Massively Multiplayer Online)
Year Released: 2011

BGO is a browser-based MMO game that was based on the favorite TV show that carries the same name, Battlestar Galactica. It lets players take control of large space aircraft, battling and conquering worlds and fight other online players to rank up and to top the leaderboards. It was initially published in 2011 and has since then become an extremely popular MMO, one of the most popular that is to say, with over 250 million registered users.

5. Rust

Coded / Developed: Facepunch Studios
Genre: Multiplayer, Open-world, RPG, Survival, Action, Adventure
Year released: 2013

Rust is a top-rated online game that is based on survival and action. You spawn with nothing with a bunch of other players and have to build shelter, create fire, and hunt to gather food. Supply drops are regular in the game. Of course, clan rivalries become apparent and different players may align themselves with other groups for the sole purpose of raiding and conquering other groups. It is an entertaining game that is currently available on Steam and regularly goes on sale during the Christmas and Summer Steam sales.