If you’re a developer who has just started programming in Unity3D.com (Unity game engine), you have to decide whether to use JavaScript or C# programming language. Unity is one of the most popular game engines that support three programming languages; C#, JavaScript, and Boo. Most programmers and developers today are familiar with C# and Java, which are both similar. However, since Unity doesn’t support java, most people will use C# instead of JavaScript. But is it the best? Let’s see in the following points.

1. JavaScript-ish
Unity does not support the real JavaScript; bust instead supports a Javascript-like programming language known as UniScript. This language is similar to JavaScript but with some differences. It supports statically typed objects, and most of the dynamic features of JavaScript are missing. This implies if you’re used to programming using JavaScript, you will have to learn this new language, UniScript.

2. Real C#
While Unity doesn’t have the real JavaScript, it supports the real C#, with advanced features such as properties and generics. This implies that you can get help always outside Unity community. Also, C# programming language is nearer to the Common Intermediate Language than UniScript, meaning that you will be able to write code in C# language better than in UniScript.

3. Editor Support
Another advantage of choosing C# instead of UniScript is that you can use Microsoft Visual Studio as an editor for the Window platform, or use cross-platform IDE MonoDevelop. Both of these support auto-completion and context-sensitive help.
In the case of UniScript, you may use UnityDevelop for Windows, which is a modified FlashDevelop editor. This also supports auto-completion and context-sensitive help. If you may prefer, for some reason, a plan text editor, then you may use the built-in Unitron editor.

After considering all the above points, then I would advise any programmer or developer programming in Unity game engine to use C# programming language instead of UniScript. This is because UniScript is a new language to most programmers and may take time mastering it. Also, in my opinion, C# gives the programmer a better control and has the best editor support. However, it may be a slightly complex language to master. The majority of Unity3D.com programmers don’t use UniScript, as they find it difficult to use thus opting for C#.

You will find that Unity recommends that you write some classes in Javascript, and some classes in C#, but this may not be good for you so you can ignore it. So to make programming easier in Unity3d.com, just use the best language, C#.