MVGA meets Thursday nights at 7:00 at Mount Hollis Masonic building in Holliston, on Route 16 just east of the center of town. We have been meeting continuously as a club since 1965, and have been in our present location for more than six years.

We have gone through several phases as a club, playing war games, role-playing games, historical miniatures, collectible card games, and tabletop sports games; presently, we are most interested in Eurogames. We have an extensive game library, which is available for use on game nights. Regular attendees may borrow games for their own use.

New: More session reports added and Game Library updated.

MVGA was one of the founding members of Unity Games, which graciously provides us web space.

For information on Unity Games, please contact Walter Hunt.

This page last updated 27 July 2005.