Video games have become a part of our lives. Some people especially college students may spend the better part of the day playing games on their PCs, consoles, and mobile phones. Playing these games help us to relax and relieve stress especially after a long day at work. Sometimes, we wish that we had the skills and talent to develop our own games. Maybe to make more interesting games than the existing ones or improve them with some heroic characters and grueling challenges. Do you know that it’s actually possible? Yes, what you need is just to learn Unity3D, which is a powerful cross-platform game engine used to create most of the 3D games you enjoy on your PC or mobile phone. If you’re an aspiring developer and want to develop your own games, the following are the best resources to learn Unity3D.

1. Unity User manual or Documentation
The first and foremost resource for learning Unity3D is the Unity3D user manual. It is documentation that is written by the game developers and contains all the info you need to learn Unity3D. It usually has a breakdown of 15 sections which you can master and start your way into mastering Unity3D.

When you visit this site, it contains all the information to help you learn Unity3D. The page is full of different ways of learning Unity3D including live training, tutorials, and community. The information is grouped into sections to help you learn step by step. If you are that person who can’t learn by himself/herself, you can always opt for community-based learning, and you will be satisfied.

4. Unity3D Tutorials by Jimmy Vegas
Another great resource for learning Unity3D is YouTube. You can subscribe to this channel in YouTube owned by veteran Jimmy Vegas. It has different tutorials to help you understand Unity3D. If you are pissed off by long videos, then you will be impressed by the short video format of the tutorials for different games.

4. Unity3D Concepts
This is a course you can take to help you learn and master the basics of Unity3D. You will learn how to code and develop games in Unity3D.

5. Unity FPS Tutorial Series
This is another channel owned by MisterNinjaBoy in YouTube containing tutorials of how to develop an FPS (First Person Shooter) game from scratch. The instructor uses simple language to explain the basic of the game development and also breaks down the concepts to help you understand.

Game development can be a lucrative career. By using the above resources to learn Unity3D, you will become an expert developer in creating different games that you can sell.