Here are some pics from Unity Games 6 taken by Walter Hunt. Please click here for the main UG6 pics.

Terry Egan, Eric Brosius, and John Cataldo (and I) divide up
Europe in Kardinal & Koenig.

Mark E, Zack, Dave Fisk, and Clara playing Ra in the jump start area.

Morning at the front table. Terry E in the background, breath
mints in the foreground.

Alsn Moon, Dave B, Randy and Tery playing Carcassonne: Hunters and

A view of the game hall at about 10 AM.

Rob E, Josh Bluestein, Lewis Kornfeld, Chris Lockheardt getting ready to place
their tiles in New England.

Counting points in Coloretto. Matt H at near right.

Kyle, .chip, Sara, Lewis K (at left), and I consider whether we'd
wipe our a** with this painting in Modern Art.

Andrew W contemplating the next move in Medina.

Mike Long guesses the meeple count.

Your marching orders for the day.

Some folks play Cartagena.

Your host and main man, Dave B.

Bob S, Mark Edwards, Zack Edwards, Adam Sweeney with SJ's Strange Synergy
out on the table.


Craig Massey MCing the prize selections.

A pick from the prize table, with your GM Craig M

Eric Brosius and the thong that loved him.

Dave B and Eric Brosius play Crokinole. Note thong in place.
807: Scott H, myself, and two others play Tyros.

Scott H, myself, and two others play Tyros.

Merchants of Venus, an MVGA favorite, with Craig Brooks, Pete
DeRosa and others.

Dave B and others playing Palmyra.

Tigris & Euphrates, my last game of the day.

Jenn at closing, with Campbell on the cart.

(ed. note: Ain't that the way it always seems!)