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Advantages of Unity Cross-Platform Development

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Ability to create interactive applications with 3D and 2D content;

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Cross-platform nature, code compatible with PC, Web, mobile (iOS, Android, WinPhone), PlayStation4, Steam;

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Thousands of quality, ready-made assets in the Asset Store;

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Top Five Games Made with Unity3D

There is an absolute load of games that have been made with Unity3D over the years since it’s release. There is a free version of Unity3D, meaning that everyone who wants to make a game, well, can. And that is precisely what has been happening since it was released. Everything from full-blown PC games to iOS and Android games, such as one or two that we will be looking at in this list, have been created inside of it. With that having been said, let’s get into this list which, by the way, was taken solely from Reddit.

1. KSP (Kerbal Space Program)

Coded / Developed: Squad
Genre: Simulator, flight
Year Released: 2011

KSP is a fun rocket science simulator that has been made simple. You can create your rocket and attempt to send it to space. It has been extremely popular and has also been known to hog computer performance due to its real-time physics. It’s a great game that is currently available on Steam.


2. H: HOW (Hearthstone, Heros Of Warcraft)

Coded / Developed: Blizzard
Genre: Fantasy Card Game
Year Released: 2014

This mega-popular game that is in conjunction with the World of Warcraft universe is a card game that is made with Unity. Unlike all of Blizzards other WOW games, it is free to play as well as multiplayer. You can play with vast decks of cards made from all of your mages, knights, warriors, orcs, and other mythological beasts.

3. W2 (Wasteland 2)

Coded / Developed: Obsidian + inXile Entertainment(s)
Genre: RPG (Role Playing Game)
Year Released: 2014

W2 (Wasteland 32) is a top-rated turn-based game that is the sequel to the original Wasteland game which came out in 1988. Fans loved it so much, and it became such a legend that a Kickstarter was eventually made for it, and it was funded and developed soon after meeting its funding goal.

This game takes place about a decade and a half after the original game and is about finding weird and mysterious radio signals that prophecy and tell about the joining of man and machine. It is currently available on Steam, and a newer edition of the game has since been released.

4. BGO (Battlestar Galactica Online)

Coded / Developed: Artplant + Bigpoint
Genre: Browser-based Online MMO Game (Massively Multiplayer Online)
Year Released: 2011

BGO is a browser-based MMO game that was based on the favorite TV show that carries the same name, Battlestar Galactica. It lets players take control of large space aircraft, battling and conquering worlds and fight other online players to rank up and to top the leaderboards. It was initially published in 2011 and has since then become an extremely popular MMO, one of the most popular that is to say, with over 250 million registered users.

5. Rust

Coded / Developed: Facepunch Studios
Genre: Multiplayer, Open-world, RPG, Survival, Action, Adventure
Year released: 2013

Rust is a top-rated online game that is based on survival and action. You spawn with nothing with a bunch of other players and have to build shelter, create fire, and hunt to gather food. Supply drops are regular in the game. Of course, clan rivalries become apparent and different players may align themselves with other groups for the sole purpose of raiding and conquering other groups. It is an entertaining game that is currently available on Steam and regularly goes on sale during the Christmas and Summer Steam sales.

Does Unity3D Support Multiplayer Games?

Unity3D is a Multiplayer Game networking platform that allows you to connect different games at once; it’s quick to implement and very customizable. Once installed on a computer, Unity servers will allow you to identify and play games with others who are also connected to the network. Unity’s built-in Multiplayer system and its integrated High-Level API (HLAPI) technology make it simple to create several user portals.

How To Get Started:
1.) The first step is creating a new empty 3D platform in Unity

2.) Next, save the default page as ‘Main’ on your network in order to get familiar with the game that you are going to turn into multiplayer mode. Start loading up the Primary Menu scene by going to Assets panel, then choose MenuStuff and double-click on MainMenu again to open it. Proceed by hitting the Play button in order to execute the game within Unity network, then select multiple player mode to activate the system. If you are using a Mac computer, try changing the Bundle Identifier of your network to something less generic. Click on File/Build Settings, and then choose iOS. The iOS display should have been selected already as your preferred platform, but if not then simply click on Switch Platform button and select iOS.

3.) Finally, go to Player Settings so that the option can appear in your Inspector dashboard. In the Other Settings page, search for Bundle Identifier and modify it to something that’s unique and appropriate for your preferred provisioning profile. After completing the above steps, you need to link your physical device to the Mac. But if you have never run an X-code program on any device before, then get familiar with the steps first before proceeding forth.

Again go back to Build Settings control-box which should be running, then choose Build and Run. The Unity3D networking system will require you to save the created Xcode file, which can be given a fun and interesting name. Once Unity3D has explored this file completely, it will automatically open up the developed project in Xcode, though Xcode itself may take several minutes to process the file before running your game on the actual device.

Nevertheless, sometimes Xcode may delay running the project for you, but if this happens simply click on Run to remind the Xcode why it initially launched. To avoid troubles with opening up this program, always ensure that your version of Unity3D is the latest.

Should You Use C# Or UnityScript?

If you’re a developer who has just started programming in (Unity game engine), you have to decide whether to use JavaScript or C# programming language. Unity is one of the most popular game engines that support three programming languages; C#, JavaScript, and Boo. Most programmers and developers today are familiar with C# and Java, which are both similar. However, since Unity doesn’t support java, most people will use C# instead of JavaScript. But is it the best? Let’s see in the following points.

1. JavaScript-ish
Unity does not support the real JavaScript; bust instead supports a Javascript-like programming language known as UniScript. This language is similar to JavaScript but with some differences. It supports statically typed objects, and most of the dynamic features of JavaScript are missing. This implies if you’re used to programming using JavaScript, you will have to learn this new language, UniScript.

2. Real C#
While Unity doesn’t have the real JavaScript, it supports the real C#, with advanced features such as properties and generics. This implies that you can get help always outside Unity community. Also, C# programming language is nearer to the Common Intermediate Language than UniScript, meaning that you will be able to write code in C# language better than in UniScript.

3. Editor Support
Another advantage of choosing C# instead of UniScript is that you can use Microsoft Visual Studio as an editor for the Window platform, or use cross-platform IDE MonoDevelop. Both of these support auto-completion and context-sensitive help.
In the case of UniScript, you may use UnityDevelop for Windows, which is a modified FlashDevelop editor. This also supports auto-completion and context-sensitive help. If you may prefer, for some reason, a plan text editor, then you may use the built-in Unitron editor.

After considering all the above points, then I would advise any programmer or developer programming in Unity game engine to use C# programming language instead of UniScript. This is because UniScript is a new language to most programmers and may take time mastering it. Also, in my opinion, C# gives the programmer a better control and has the best editor support. However, it may be a slightly complex language to master. The majority of programmers don’t use UniScript, as they find it difficult to use thus opting for C#.

You will find that Unity recommends that you write some classes in Javascript, and some classes in C#, but this may not be good for you so you can ignore it. So to make programming easier in, just use the best language, C#.

What Is the Unity3D Asset Store?

Unity Asset Store is a library where developers of online games can find free commercial assets created by other members of the community and by using Unity Technologies. Similarly, Unity3D Asset Store is a library where game developers can get commercial assets in 3D formats to create 3D video games. These libraries contain a wide variety of assets including models, animations, and textures along with complete projects like editor extensions and tutorials. Developers can access these assets through a simple interface in the Unity Editor and can import or download directly into their project.

Use of Unity3D asset store
Unity3D asset store also allows the game designers, programmers, 3D modelers and texture artists to share their creations with everyone in the community of Unity3D developers. This asset store also allows the developers to sell their editor extensions, audio and other types of content and 3D models to it so that other professionals like them can use them in their projects. They can easily sell their beautiful creations to the Unity3D asset store simply by submitting their creations to get good money for it which they can then use in developing their next video game, or contribute to their income.

Unity3D Asset Store sets a price of your creations after reviewing them once you have submitted them. 70% part of the sales proceeds of your creations will be credited to your account on a monthly or quarterly basis, as desired by you.

Steps to submit your creations to Unity3D Asset Store

  • First of all, you will have to create an account with Unity3D asset store. While signing the Asset Store Provider Agreement, you should read it carefully to get submission instructions and legal information about the process of submission of your assets
  • You should use your Unity3D account to get registered with a publisher login of asset store to create an Asset Store Publisher Account
  • To update or create your package metadata and upload main screenshots and images etc. you should use the Publisher Administration Package Manager to ensure that the content you are providing is according to the submission guidelines of the Asset Store.
  • Now you can open unity3D asset store to import and download the tools of Asset Store in the content of the project you want to submit with it. While uploading tools, you can also use the tools package of asset store to upload and link your project with the package created by you.
  • Now to submit your package you can use the package manager of Publisher Administration. The team of Asset Store will review the content submitted by you to set its price.

Top Unity3D Tutorials For Beginners

An extraordinary innovation of the internet marketplace is the rise of video games. Unity3D it’s has been one of the Go-to-go middleware engines for promising iOS and Android game creators and even extended its reach to The Web, Windows desktop and several other platforms. Now unleash the gamer in you by making your games in this game engine. Though it requires a basic understanding of coding and logics along with the tutorials available online, this won’t be a barrier in the way. It’s no enigma that Unity has converted itself to become the reliable unit when it comes to game improvement and has powered millions of titles released on the Apple App Store and Google Play. Every possible year, more than 50% of the top mobile phone games in the US is getting developed with Unity engine and games are experienced by millions of gamers.

The internet consequently gets filled with a handbook, video tutorials, paid courses and forums to help developing Unity developers and experienced pros who are looking to augment their ideas. But rather than scouring the internet for a good descriptive tutorial material yourself, why not let us do the hard work for you? Subsequently, you’ll get a list of the best sites, community sites and famous YouTube channels for Unity game development. These tutorials should benefit both newbies and pro developers.

Unity YouTube Channels
If you are a visual learner and a beginner, then you must check out listed Youtube channels for Unity development tutorials like Unity (Official), as it is one of their official Youtube channel of Unity, and it showcases a collection of content, game previews, along with some very descriptive basic tutorials. Pushy pixels, Quill18Creates, Unityknow how these are few channels where you can take a peep inside your knowledge about game development in this game engine.

Unity Websites & Blogs sites
One can also choose Unity Wiki, Ray Wenderlich Tutorials as these websites offers you an enormous well-planned free & paid tutorials for Unity developers. They also deliver live training, resources, and tools that will help you in your learning process. The courses are easy and give you full step by step insight into the Game Engine and its working.

Unity Forums & several communities
If you get stuck somewhere in the coding part then you can also check out Unity Forum, Unity Answers as they will provide you with all the communication and answers you need.

So, don’t just sit back, comfortably sit and develop your own game with Unity3D and with these resources things are easier now.

How Much Can A Unity3D Game Developer Make In 2017

Although the game industry is known to be cyclical, one of the jobs that never get obsolete is that of game developers. These programmers have the capability of bringing the game art and design to life, and the implication of this is that there is little that can be done without them. One question that people would be keen to understand is How Much Can A Unity3D Game Developer Make In 2017? Obtaining absolute figures regarding how much salaries game developers earn annually is a bit difficult because the ranges are wide and depend on some factors.

One way of estimating the approximate figures that each game developer earns is by analyzing the job titles. Now, this is important because titles help us to come up with salary ranges. The title can at times be closely related with the number of experience years which indicates how long a given programmer has been in the industry. Game developers do not get promoted solely based on the number of years that they have spent on their careers. Mostly, it depends on the quality of their work and how much responsibility they can handle when it comes to specific projects.

Entry level Unity3D game developers earn relatively lesser amounts compared to their seniors. Now, this is because, at their level, they are mostly learning the ropes. As they gain more experience over time, they start taking more responsibilities or developing more complex games. Senior Unity 3D game developers create new technologies and manage teams at their workplaces.

The salaries of Unity3D game developers in 2017 range between $52,000 and $ 127,000. The national average is $83,739. These numbers are simply industry averages, and therefore, they are very general. When you get down to reality and specifics, there are various factors that would determine how much money a game developer makes annually. For instance, large companies deal with big budget projects, and this allows them to pay their developers to top range salaries in the range of $115,000- 130,000 per annum. Game developers working for smaller firms would earn relatively less amount in the range of $50,000-$80,000.

Similarly, one’s educational background will affect how the money they will be able to make by the end of the year 2017. For example, a programmer with a university degree in Computer Science is likely to earn more money than a self-taught game developer. Lastly, a game developer’s annual salary will also depend on their job position. There are some game development areas that programmers specialize in. Some of these areas or job titles are more lucrative than others. For example, a Unity3D game developer holding a managerial position is paid as high as $125,000 per year while his juniors are paid salaries averaging around $70,000 per year.

Best Unity3D Resources For Developers

Video games have become a part of our lives. Some people especially college students may spend the better part of the day playing games on their PCs, consoles, and mobile phones. Playing these games help us to relax and relieve stress especially after a long day at work. Sometimes, we wish that we had the skills and talent to develop our own games. Maybe to make more interesting games than the existing ones or improve them with some heroic characters and grueling challenges. Do you know that it’s actually possible? Yes, what you need is just to learn Unity3D, which is a powerful cross-platform game engine used to create most of the 3D games you enjoy on your PC or mobile phone. If you’re an aspiring developer and want to develop your own games, the following are the best resources to learn Unity3D.

1. Unity User manual or Documentation
The first and foremost resource for learning Unity3D is the Unity3D user manual. It is documentation that is written by the game developers and contains all the info you need to learn Unity3D. It usually has a breakdown of 15 sections which you can master and start your way into mastering Unity3D.

When you visit this site, it contains all the information to help you learn Unity3D. The page is full of different ways of learning Unity3D including live training, tutorials, and community. The information is grouped into sections to help you learn step by step. If you are that person who can’t learn by himself/herself, you can always opt for community-based learning, and you will be satisfied.

4. Unity3D Tutorials by Jimmy Vegas
Another great resource for learning Unity3D is YouTube. You can subscribe to this channel in YouTube owned by veteran Jimmy Vegas. It has different tutorials to help you understand Unity3D. If you are pissed off by long videos, then you will be impressed by the short video format of the tutorials for different games.

4. Unity3D Concepts
This is a course you can take to help you learn and master the basics of Unity3D. You will learn how to code and develop games in Unity3D.

5. Unity FPS Tutorial Series
This is another channel owned by MisterNinjaBoy in YouTube containing tutorials of how to develop an FPS (First Person Shooter) game from scratch. The instructor uses simple language to explain the basic of the game development and also breaks down the concepts to help you understand.

Game development can be a lucrative career. By using the above resources to learn Unity3D, you will become an expert developer in creating different games that you can sell.

Suggestions for Hiring the Finest Unity 3D Development Builder

Suggestions for Hiring the Finest Unity 3D Development Builder

You might have a terrific thought of a 3D project that appears to be more than successful. You know the way it ought to appear to be, what properties it ought to possess, and what advantages it ought to deliver. You wish to get this mission carried out and let your thought grow to be actual. And then you definitely encounter the necessity to discover profitable builders. How to try this in probably the most effective means? Listed below are a number of suggestions you’ll discover useful.

1. Search for must-have traits
Dreaming the success of your project, you already know a factor or two concerning the qualities your potential developer ought to possess. This individual needs to be dependable, trustworthy, accountable, good, and communicative. Nonetheless, these are some common traits any individual ought to possess. What about builders? One of the best Unity 3D growth corporations guarantees that their builders are communicative and collaborative. Having the ability to work effectively each in large and small groups, these individuals resolve issues in the best methods.

The following must-have trait is being captivated with technology. Working with Unity growth corporations that love what they do is the one factor that ensures the success of your mission. Methods to verify it? Take a look at their websites, take a look at social media, learn blogs, and take a look at their portfolios. Impressed? Don’t hesitate to begin cooperating with the company. After all, you shouldn’t neglect concerning the technical background. Software program programming, games growth, 3D/UI/UX – your excellent developer needs to be a professional in these spheres.

2. Analyze the market
Figuring out your price range isn’t sufficient. Analyze the market, examine completely different charges, and determine whether or not you worth high quality over value. Figuring out the market value, you received be afraid to overbid or underbid. Thus, there are probabilities you received lose nice skills by providing them discounts.

In case you are on the lookout for Unity growth corporations that provide cheap pricing, think about working with outsourcing corporations. For instance, there are nice Unity 3D growth corporations in Ukraine, Poland, and different Japanese European nations. Such companies are well-known for having an intensive expertise pool and lively tech group.

3. Don’t overlook the portfolio
Although this tip appears to be apparent, many individuals neglect concerning the significance of testing the company’s earlier works. Specializing in negotiations and making agreements, they don’t connect worth to very powerful issues – portfolio initiatives. Nonetheless, that is the step that can drastically change the way in which you understand cooperation with sure Unity growth corporations. You both fall in love with their style or cease losing your time on attempting to make a settlement with the mistaken firm.

In search of the perfect Unity 3D growth company, don’t get distracted. There are solely three issues to recollect about: the talents your potential companion ought to possess, working charges, and portfolio style. Being positive about these three elements is an effective place to begin.

Unreal 4 Vs Unity 3D

Unreal 4 Vs Unity 3D

UE4, Unreal Engine 4, and U3D, Unity 3D, are two of the most popular open source game engine programs. They are currently being used worldwide, and have been for quite some time, to make all sorts of games. The games made with these engines are usually 3D games, some more realistic 2D games are known to have been made.

So, let us say that you are a game developer or at least someone who wants to become one. You might even be just a hobbyist that wants to play with some professional software here and there, which is also totally fine. Either way, it still boils down to an essential question; out of these two engines, both of which have their pros and cons, which one should you use to make your game? That’s the question that I am here to answer for you, so stick around. To kick things off, let us start with…

1. What Kind Of Game You Want To Make
This question is arguably among the most important ones that you will want to ask yourself. Depending on your answer (or answers, if you plan to make more than one game or program) the answer as to which engine you should use will change. Do you want to make a 3D game or a 2D one? A simple puzzle game, or something a little bit more advanced, with basic physics and whatnot? What about a collection of all of this? You will want to answer this question for yourself before doing your research and buying (no pun intended) into a particular engine.

2. Pricing
This is one of the ‘make it or break it’ questions when it comes to game developers. If you are a new developer or someone who wants to become one, this is extremely important. The chances are that you do not have a lot of money if you are just beginning your game-developing journey, so spending a grand-and-a-half on Unity Pro is probably not going to be your first choice.

3. Programming Language
Whether or not you have the money to afford Unity Pro or something alike, the language that the program works in is also going to be a huge factor. As you no doubt know, there are many different programming languages for anything from HTML based programs and full on games, and everything in between. Some are easier to learn than others, so you should choose whichever one will be easiest for you to work in, providing that it fits in with the rest of the factors nicely.

4. Blueprinting
‘Blueprinting’ is one of the features that makes Unreal Engine 4 so loved among game developers. It allows you to quickly and easily build prototypes of models and things within UE4 (Unreal Engine 4) which is something you cannot do as readily when working within Unity.

5. Asset Store
Luckily, both Unity and Unreal engine have excellent asset stores, so finding sounds, textures, objects, and all sorts of other things will neither break the bank nor give you a headache.

6. Profiling
Unfortunately, Unity Free does not have a profiling mode. Profiling is essentially what allows you to monitor your CPU, RAM, and GPU usage for you to optimize the game. This is especially important, tuning, that is. This is because there could be some textures or objects that drag down the performance of your game that can be easily fixed. Not knowing the issue nor your performance when in-game can be a hassle and a huge deciding factor when it comes to choosing either of the two engines.

You can see that there are a lot of factors that play into deciding which engine to use. It all comes down to what kind of game you want to play, how you want to make it, your budget, and how affluent you are with the programming language of said engine, or at least how quickly you will be able to learn it. Good luck!

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