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Welcome to the Unity Games official webpage! Unity Games is an open board game discussion forum which includes members of various game groups in the Eastern Massachusetts and surrounding areas (parts of RI UG Promo Picture 1 and NH) plus interested individual gamers from the region. The "Unity Games" list is aimed at discussing boardgames and boardgame related events in the local area. The emphasis is on German/Euro/Designer style boardgames (Settlers of Catan, Acquire, Euphrat & Tigris, Union Pacific, Carabande, etc) but "classic" boardgames are discussed and played as well. We also discuss open game gatherings in the area where you can find friendly opponents. Although we sometimes refer to ourselves as "Unity Gamers", the list is not a formal game group and joining the list does not make you a member of a formal organization. Unity Games is a forum and resource which serves a pool of gamers in the area. The Unity Games forum is coordinated through a free Yahoo! Groups mailing list. If you wish to form a game get-together, you can ask for recruits using the list. Several new semi-regular open game events now take place and are organized through the Unity Games list. The discussion is fun and we would love to have you join us and see just how much gaming goes on right outside your door!

The Unity Games Yahoo Group is open - and if you want to see a sample of the type of discussion that takes place feel free to visit the group at:

In addition, it should be known that some Unity Game subscribers are members of their own local groups - some of which are open, and some of which are currently closed. I'm sure everyone understandsUG Promo Picture 2 that some groups, by necessity, are closed - Unity Games does not attempt to remove the identities of the individual game groups, but simply gives us a wider base of like-minded gamers in the region. There have been numerous open events and regular gaming in the UG list's history so there should be plenty of opportunity for gaming - and you can always use the list to start some gaming in your area. I also see no reason why people cannot post for-sale or for-trade messages as well. Sometimes it is easier to sell something to a local - saves shipping, payment hassles, etc. We currently do not allow auctions on this forum. The list is moderated - but with free and open postings by any member. Should any discussion get badly off topic or out of hand, we reserve the right to warn and possibly suspend or ban existing members of the list. This keeps the forum focused on local game related material. If you have a potential member you would like to invite, just ask me ( or Mark Edwards ( and we can get them signed up to the UG list. In addition, they can sign-up easily at the Yahoo Groups page or even more easily using the subscription box at the bottom of this page.

After being added to the Unity Games list, giving a short intro about yourself to the group is encouraged and very much appreciated. Something short is fine - describing who you are, general area you live in and the games you like to play.

UG Promo Picture 3After joining, be sure to check out the "Files" section from the Unity Games site above to see some pictures of our Unity Gamers in action! Also check out the links on the left-side of this page for pics and info about our big Unity Games events. This list should be a resource - to keep interested people in the area informed of the various open gaming efforts and to discuss boardgaming in general. Please be aware that the Unity Games list can generate quite a bit of email traffic. In its first month, there was an average of 13 emails per day - about 400 for the entire month of July. You can switch to Digest mode (where you only receive 1 or 2 emails containing a digest of the posts for each day) or can view by Web browser. These options can be set at the Unity Games Group website (you must have a Yahoo Groups account to change those options) or you can just email me (see below) to change the option for you. If you run into any problems and what to unsubscribe from the UG list for any reason, you can UNSUBSCRIBE by sending an email to

Enjoy the list! We look forward to hearing from even more local gamers!

If you are interested in joining our Unity Games email list, please feel free to sign up below.

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